March 6, 2014

Reviews of Katy Thorn – You Are My Hollywood

“I really liked this song surprisingly. I liked how the women sang to the beats. It ‘s very jazzy and intriguing to listen to. I really like the bass and the rhythm of the track. I could picture Haley Reinhart singing this song and really putting her soul into this. I really like this song for some reason. It’s very hypnotizing and I LIKE!”

“The artist in this song has plenty of talent and has the potential to become someone that is a big iconic figure in the music industry. She hit every note that was assigned. This track is a great measure of elegance. The strength in the singers voice was very official from the beginning of the track. The way that this track was organized, had very high potential from the beginning. Very elegance music that had all of the tools needed to be a success.”

“Like her voice and the song is actually catchy. Song has some quality’s of something i could see Adele singing.Which is a compliment of course. Artist has good smooth voice that could be on the radio i think. Strong voice and shes not afraid to show it. Really love that in an artist.”

“This girl sounds kind of like Adele. I like the hard nature of this song. You can feel the piano player beating those keys. This songs makes me think of a lounge in the forties or fifties. The vocalist’s voice is powerful and dynamic. She can hit a wide variety of notes and tones. The lyrics are well written and delivered. The piano solo in the middle was refreshing, as pianos rarely get that opportunity these days.”

“the lyrics “la la la” are very catchy indeed and will stay in my head for at least a day the song’s melody is very well thought out and runs in time great time with the instrumentals, this song has great arrangement.”

“Nice and up-beat. Up-tempo lyrically as well. A perfect blend here. Cloying Vocal, nice swing down to the beat, nice story telling mixed with metaphore. Absolutely atmospheric piece of music in all respects. Hail to the horns, triumphant guitars. Just enough digital production. All around perfect. A Ten. Market where-ever you can. Can imagine few refusals.”

“its different and i like different and it makes sense. When the woman started singing i felt like i was in a black and white film. The chords played compose great together with the electric piano keep its repetitive pace as the other chords come clashing in. The woman tells a great deep story and the way she says them is lyrically smart.”

“I love this chord progression in the opening. The lead vocals are fantastic. When the drums and bass are fully introduced, it brings so much more to an already interesting song. The melody is great and compliments the harmonic progression very nicely. The instrumental sections are really satisfying and reintroduce the vocal line very well each time. On first listen, the lyrics are very effective. Production is also great! Very good job all round!”

“The tune seemed to be played on the piano. It was short and bouncy. The voice of the singer really vibrated and stood out. It almost sounded vintage as if she was using one of those old microphones. the tune really came together when the drums joined in. It gave the song a strength I didn’t know was possible. ‘Lalala’ was a good addition because while showing off her good vocals it sounded a bit sensual and mysterious.”

“This record has an interesting melody to it. The track sounds like a throwback. The vocals are flat out amazing in every phase. The artist on here is truly talented. The lyrics are nice, it gets the job done, nothing special about them though. The biggest part is the strong delivery of the artist. The artist really takes this track to a whole other level.”

“The song sounds like it is meant for a James Bond movie. This is because of the electric guitar and the alluring voice of the artist.

here is just something epic about this music background. The lyrics even mention something that Mr 007 would do. Having females jealous. The strings and the piano maybe is the reason for the epic sound.”

“This sounds like something out of james bond, with the big orchestral music in the background. Good entrance before the vocals came in. The vocals are good. Good range of tone in the voice. Seems like a professional singer.”

“Decent beginning; it ‘s lazy, slightly seductive tone is set and brought forth with the chic style vocals of the vocal instrument. The lyrical content is interesting and certainly seems to be a creatively composed story line. This wouldn’t be a track that I’d put on the radio; however, It is certainly one in which I’d place on an underground/indie/grassroots station. I’m loving the quick-trill vibrato.”

“The track is attention-grabbing mainly due to the vocals. This female artist has a memorable and captivating voice. The instrumentation is well synchronized and has a great sound overall – the guitar and drum sequencing is quite good. The performance of the artist is emotional and the lyrics are believable. Overall, this track has a high commercial potential”

“The vocals are great and the piano is graceful touch in the background. The song has a nice transition from easy listening to a rock feel. I think this is a powerful tune and does good for this artists name.”

“I like the instrumentals in this song. I also really enjoy the singer’s voice. The melody is very dreamy! The lyrics are deep and very catchy. I would definitely listen to this song again. It could definitely become a hit. I think that the singer is very good!”

February 27, 2014

Katy Thorn