Mixing services

We offer high quality mixing services by Magnus Hyden.
We are using a combination of digital and analog equipment for the best result, and we are working in all genres. In every mix we use our Bricasti M7 reverbs, GR MM20 summing mixer and IC TSL-4 limiter. Music we have worked on have been heard on radio and TV all over the world (credits).

Please read through our process Mixing Services Instructions.
For any requests or more details, please get in touch with us at

Pricing (prices excludes VAT)

Mixing2 200 SEK/ $250Song With up to 8 tracks
Mixing2 800 SEK/ $315Song With up to 24 tracks
Mixing3 400 SEK/ $380Song With up to 25+ tracks
Vocal tuning + editing600 SEK/ $70Up to 5 tracks. Using Melodyne and Revoice Pro

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Software we use includes Logic Pro X, Revoice Pro, Izotope RX4 Advanced, UAD, Fabfilter, Eiosis, Slate Digital, Eventide, Soundtoys, Izotope, Metric Halo, BBE, Kush Audio, DMG Audio, McDSP, Brainworx, Lexicon, Softube, Sonnox, Voxengo

Outboard equipment includes Barefoot monitors, Apogee Symphony, Apogee AD16-x, Apogee DA16-x (x2), Apogee Rosetta 200, Bricasti M7 system 2, SPL Machine Head, Great River MM20, Inward Connection TSL-4, TK Audio BC-1, SPL Charisma 8, TL Audio C1, TL Audio EQ2