September 30, 2015

Christian Distefano – nominated to Niagara Falls Music Awards

Arrived at the @NMAupdates #nma2015 #boysinger

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Co-written, co-produced and mixed by Magnus Hyden

September 27, 2015

Chuck Norris Experiment – New song

New song called Habit to Support have been produced and mixed in Studio Superotnic by Magnus Hyden for Gothenburg rockers Chuck Norris Experiment. The song will be released on Spanish label Ghost Highway as part of a compilation.

September 27, 2015

Upcoming releases from Astrachan Records

Beaten Bass will be coming out with a new EP titled “Towards the Light” consisting of two new songs featuring Bruno Steele.

Eric Woods will release a new single called City On Fire, featuring Dasha.

Will keep you posted on release dates.