October 24, 2015

Beaten Bass – New EP out


Swedish producer Beaten Bass is back with a new double single containing the songs Towards the Light and Beauty of Speed. On both songs, Bruno Steele (US), also co-writer, is featured on vocals. Beaten Bass follow the spirit of his last release, Get Me Through the World, with a quite chill but still driven Deep House/pop.


March 13, 2015

Beaten Bass – Get Me Through The World


Beaten Bass releases a new single/EP today called Get Me Through the World. It is a song written by Beaten Bass and Peter Wright and features Yvonne John-Lewis on vocals.


March 3, 2015

Nordpop writes about Bea Trice and Shhoting Star

March 3, 2015

Scandipop writes about Beaten Bass and Katy Thorn


SONG: Beaten Bass feat. Katy Thorn – ‘Rainbow’
scandipop February 26, 2015 0

Who are Beaten Bass? Beaten Bass IS a Swedish dance producer. He’s also been behind these two Bea Trice tracks that we’ve featured previously.
And who is Katy Thorn? A singer from Devon in the UK, with no less than TWO albums already under her belt – ‘The Red Hand’ and ‘Girl Friday’.
What’s ‘Rainbow’ all about then? It’s a gorgeous mid-tempo electropop track with a seductive verse, a hugely melodic chorus, and the all-important instrumental post-chorus. It begs repeated listens. ‘Tis a bit of a stunner, this one.
Written by? Magnus Hyden and Katy Thorn. Produced by – of course – Beaten Bass.
Christ this is good. It really is. So good that we’d also recommend the extended five minute version. You can listen to that and the radio edit here;

March 2, 2015

Scandipop writes about Bea Trice


SONG: Bea Trice – ‘Shooting Star’

Who is THIS?! A 19 year old Swedish girl from Gothenburg. ‘Shooting Star’ is her new single and video. Her third single.
What does she say? “An electropop sound that draws references from Robyn, Tove Lo and Empire of the Sun”
What does Scandipop say? She’s one of the more exciting newcomers in that she’s got the right style, and the substance with which to back it up.
Written by? Magnus Hyden and Bea Trice, produced by Magnus Hyden.
When’s it out? March 10th, although you can watch the video already below.
Anything else to listen to? Check out her previous single ‘Get Up Again‘.