March 3, 2015

Scandipop writes about Beaten Bass and Katy Thorn

SONG: Beaten Bass feat. Katy Thorn – ‘Rainbow’
scandipop February 26, 2015 0

Who are Beaten Bass? Beaten Bass IS a Swedish dance producer. He’s also been behind these two Bea Trice tracks that we’ve featured previously.
And who is Katy Thorn? A singer from Devon in the UK, with no less than TWO albums already under her belt – ‘The Red Hand’ and ‘Girl Friday’.
What’s ‘Rainbow’ all about then? It’s a gorgeous mid-tempo electropop track with a seductive verse, a hugely melodic chorus, and the all-important instrumental post-chorus. It begs repeated listens. ‘Tis a bit of a stunner, this one.
Written by? Magnus Hyden and Katy Thorn. Produced by – of course – Beaten Bass.
Christ this is good. It really is. So good that we’d also recommend the extended five minute version. You can listen to that and the radio edit here;

March 2, 2015

Scandipop writes about Bea Trice

SONG: Bea Trice – ‘Shooting Star’

Who is THIS?! A 19 year old Swedish girl from Gothenburg. ‘Shooting Star’ is her new single and video. Her third single.
What does she say? “An electropop sound that draws references from Robyn, Tove Lo and Empire of the Sun”
What does Scandipop say? She’s one of the more exciting newcomers in that she’s got the right style, and the substance with which to back it up.
Written by? Magnus Hyden and Bea Trice, produced by Magnus Hyden.
When’s it out? March 10th, although you can watch the video already below.
Anything else to listen to? Check out her previous single ‘Get Up Again‘.

February 20, 2015

Bea Trice – New video out

Supertonic Music is releasing a new video with Bea Trice – Shooting Star. The Song os written by Magnus Hyden and Bea Trice, produced by Magnus Hyden and the video is directed by Simon Sez.
Shooting Star will be available in digital stores on March 10.

January 27, 2015

Beaten Bass – teaser

Beaten Bass dropped a teaser of a new song – Get Me Through The World featuring Yvonne John-Lewis on vocals.

November 18, 2014

Katy Thorn – Rainbow

Today we see the release of Rainbow by Katy Thorn.

Devon based Katy Thorn, first heard as featured artist on Beaten Bass song I Got A Thing, is releasing her debut single in her own name. Rainbow is an electronic pop song featuring deep grooves under Katy’s vintage vocals, produced by Beaten Bass.


What DJs say about it:

Feyser, Feys Music, No 4/5 Nice original Katy!

Niki Belucci [Radio Fg], Radio FG, Radio FG, 5/5 cool, thanks

Dj Mike,, 5/5 Excellent

Steve’Butch’Jones, Something Global, 4/5 downloading for 🙂

Rick Estey, Elliptical Sun, Lizard Lounge, Absinthe, Crown & Harp, Plush, Club 8, 5/5 Love the instrumental!

George Marvel, Frisky Radio ,Central, 4/5 Nice work will try out in my daily radio show!

Lello B , xdoxrecords,minimarket,sond4group, freelance,CodeClub, 4/5 thanks

Suffused, Suffused Music/Polarities, Baroque Records, Mistique Music, LuPS Records, LCD Recordings, Cristian Records, Suffused Diary on friskyRadio, Over the Moon on Proton, 5/5 Nice ep! thanks

.B23, InsomniaFM, 5/5 Amazing release! thanks

Monsta, Dauman Records, Music Choice & KXRG 95.9 FM Honolulu, HI
5/5 I will check this out! Thank you for sending, Cheers!

Norbert Meszes, Decoded Records, Canaan Digital Records, 1642 Records, Phunkation Records
5/5 Great release. The vocal is very good. thank you

Dj Nicolas Nucci, sorryshoes, resolution, kult, scream Paris
5/5 rainbow instrumental thank you!!!!

Hernan Serrao, Groovenight Records /System Recordings /vise versa records / twisted beats uk / convert, Proton Radio, 5/5 nice to play it faster

phalguna somraj, Mistique Music,Lohit Records,Melodic Records, Club Bottles & Chimney,Hyderabad,India.
5/5 Thank you.Downloading 🙂

Beto Quintero,Geisha Bar – Perth Rough Love
4/5 Love it! Playing it in my early sets

frank hurman, intensive music/perception music/h2productions, la hora prohibida radioshow
4/5 i will try it,thanks

Di Rugerio, Uxoa Dutxa Elite
4/5 Original mix is nice !

Bobby Deep, KTR, Frisky Radio
4/5 very good original

Pablo Prado, PLU Records, DI FM
4/5 Thanks for your promo! I will play in my live sets and radioshows for sure!

Jay de Miceli, Conspiracy House, Traxerit 60
4/5 good music, i may have to speed it up a bit to fit in

Mistol Team, Freegrant Music, Baroque, Mango Alley, Mistique Music
4/5 Great EP, congratz from Argentina

Liz Cirelli, Natura Sonoris, 3/5 sweet track

Kahraman, Bonzai Music / Balkan Connection / Underground City Music , Ooze / Dani’s Place, 3/5 Nice tune,liking the instrumental version

Bigboss, Hardcelone, R.Banyeres – Summertech – Electroasis, 3/5 Different but will try in the show. Opening to new flavours!

Filthy Groovin, FilthyGroovinMusicGroup, 24/7houseradio, 3/5 Nice Release

October 16, 2014

Beaten Bass Remix EP Out


Beaten Bass Remix EP – This Is It – out today! The release features the original song, released on Sonica, aswell as Gotham remixes and instrumental versions. The EP features Bea Trice and is available here:


A few  quotes from DJs regarding this release:

-DJ Safe, ”4/5 Sick tunes keep up the good work”

-Adrianos Papadeas, ”5/5 very nice release.”

-Niki Belucci [Radio Fg] ”5/5 sounds cool, thanks for sending!”

-Paul Van Dyk, Vandit, Vonyc Sessions, ”3/5 Thanks for sending 🙂 Will put forward for our shows”

-Pablo Prado, PLU Records, DI FM, ”4/5 Thanks for your promo! I will play in my live sets and radioshows for sure!”

-.B23, InsomniaFM, ”4/5 Nice.thanks”

September 12, 2014

Beaten Bass – Sonica

Astrachan Records is proud to present you all with its first release which
comes from the highly talented Swedish producer, Beaten Bass. The release, titled “Sonica”,
contains six songs featuring Bea Trice, Joel DeLuna, Katy Thorn and Mike Turbo on vocals. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the remix EPs following this release.

Beaten Bass - Sonica

The album can be heard/bought here:


August 19, 2014

Astrachan Records


We are proud to present Astrachan Records as a part of Supertonic Music that will release dance music. AR will work with Houseplanet for digital distribution and the first release will be Sonica with Beaten Bass. Release date is set to September 12, 2014.

August 12, 2014

Bea Trice is back with new single – First Aid Kit

For more info, supporting or sharing:

Amazon UK
Bea Trice on Facebook

June 3, 2014

Swedish Week is launched by Volvo Trucks

A series of videos featuring Peter Stormare, is released for Volvo Trucks – Supertonic Music produced the music, thanks to Magnus Holmström on Nyckelharpa.